Dr. SIMONA IVANA D.V.M. PhD. Associate Professor and Senior Researcher at Romanian Academy/ National Institute for Economic Research “Costin C. Kirițescu” is the one who created this educational site:Academia Microbilor by Simona Ivana(Microbes Academy by Simona Ivana)

After sustaining the doctorate (1999), her scientific work has materialized by obtaining 4 patents, the publication of over 300 scientific papers, 50 books, academic treaties and textbooks.


Academia Microbilor by Simona Ivana is an educational site in microbiology field.A century ago, Louis Pasteur said: ”Messieurs, c’est les microbes qui auront le dernier mot”/ ”Life would not long remain possible in the absence of microbes”.Indeed, microorganisms have an impact upon the earth’s ecosystems that rivals that of the sun, the oceans, and the activities of humans and other living things.Microbiology is emerging as the key biological science. Microorganisms provide the models used in molecular biology for research.

There is growing recognition of the potential of microorganisms in many applied areas.The ability of microorganisms to decompose materials, the potential of microorganisms as food supplements, the exploitation of microbial activity to produce energy such as methane gas, and the potential of new therapeutic substances produced by microorganisms – these and other uses are becoming increasingly attractive.Recombinant DNA technology makes it feasible to consider genetically manipulated microorganisms for commercial production of new and valuable products for a variety of purposes (medicinal, fuel and food).

When I first had the idea for this site I wanted to introduce microbiology in a way that left an exciting and indelible impression on young students and that made difficult concepts comprehensible.At the same time I aimed for a style and organization that produced a readable, current, accessible, and attractive site.My primary emphasis is on a survey of general topics needed by students entering careers in allied health.My teaching in the field of microbiology, and this site as a result of it, have been built around a central concept, that of the dual nature (”bad and good”) of microorganisms on the one hand, and of operating constituents of functional cells on the other hand. This site attempts to be thorough without being exhaustive and sufficiently broad in scope to appeal to any interested student desiring a background on the topic.

Because visual and mental figures can be extremely helpful in understanding a process, structure, or abstraction, we have tried to develop an unique approach using plasticine technique.Each animated plasticine microorganism is personified based on its structure thus focuses interest on one of the thought-provoking subjects about bacteria, viruses or molds.

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